Extraordinary films – be it a spectacular flight over a city, exploration of a mountain range from above, participation in a wild mountain bike ride or a dive into the depths of the ocean – can be created exclusively by Valtiner & Partner's  film crew.

E-MOTIONBOARD films are produced with special techniques not available to regular 2-D or 3-D films.  The specialized camera and highly advanced filming techniques executed from a flying perspective create amazing pictures which offer in combination with the moving platform an incredible experience.

Bernie Boess

Bernie Boess, a graphic artist, worked for 10 years as an art director in the advertising industry. In 1994 he established his own company "Bernie Boess Filmproduktion".  As well as creating many projects for international companies, Bernie Boess is known for his innovation and expertise in the area of “E-MOTIONBOARD” films.   From the development of the idea and the writing of the script through to the filming and editing of the piece, Bernie Boess is an absolute expert!  Be your own judge….

Vienna Airlines

a flight over Vienna in an experimental flying vehicle

Blue Jet

Making of Blue Jet

Take a look behind the scenes