Valtiner & Partner strives to be a competent partner – from the first meeting all the way through development and construction and continuing on once the business is up and running. Our main goal is a successful cooperation with our clients.  High quality standards, optimal service and reliability are the attributes which we offer. 

The desire to fly goes back as far as mankind itself and with the E-MOTIONBOARD that wish can be achieved virtually. Thrilled and satisfied visitors are the basis for an economically successful concept that Valtiner & Partner developped, on a one to one basis with our clients.



A motion simulator for 39 passengers, 6 DOF, wheelchair accessible - a flying theatre with exceptional special effects. Offers a patented Motion System, entertains 350 – 400 passengers per hour.


This simulator is built for 20 passengers and has its advantages in a small footprint and a compact height. It is an excellent option for indoor entertainment venues with space limitations (shopping malls, cinema centers). It offers 6 DOF and a myriad of special effects, entertains 160 – 200 per hour.