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On site conditions, customer expectations and market situations are shaped into a competitive concept more...

Valtiner & Partner is fully aware that each E-MOTIONBOARD location and operator has different requirements and business foundations.  From our first meeting onwards, these parameters will be taken into consideration – beginning with the architecture, the equipment and supplies through to the film content - all will be discussed in full with the client and designed specifically for his individual needs.

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Architecture and project management

Architectural design, calculation and realisation have been exercised by us successfully many times more...

With almost 20 years of experience as an architect, Martin Valtiner’s efficient project management style is the key to realizing clients ideas and wishes.  Starting with the planning details and appraisals to overseeing the construction and the commissioning, every step is coordinated from our office, guaranteeing efficiency.

Alle Schritte von unserem Büro aus koordiniert und schaffen die Basis für einen effizienten Betriebsablauf

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Project realisation

Manufacturing of all components and timely completion on site are coordinated and supervised more...

At the same time that the location is being prepared for installation, all the technical parts are being manufactured. With our offices in Lienz coordinating all necessary steps, our clients can be assured that all partner companies stick to the schedule.  Constant quality control, as well as keeping a keen eye on both the legal and technical safety issues, is as vital to Valtiner & Partner as to our clients.  Alongside of the detailed documentation, a test of the hardware components in combination with the film will be done together with the client before the entire system is shipped.  After the on site installation, a detailed test will be carried out to ensure that all parts function properly. Only then will we hand over the complete system, give all required training and complete documentation and certification.  A thorough and comprehensive supervision during the soft opening is another valuable service that we provide.

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Film production

The experience consists of a convincing story, a high quality film production and special effects more...

The success of the E-MOTIONBOARD depends greatly on the quality of the film material and, here too, Valtiner & Partner won’t leave any margin for mistake.  From the first draft of the script through to the delivery of the finished film, we have an eye on every minute detail. We work only with professionals who are specialized in this type of film genre thus guaranteeing an optimal finished product. See films

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Service contract

Permanent assistance, improvement of technical standards and a steady flow of new films are essential for success more...

Just delivering hardware and a film is not Valtiner & Partner's idea of a constructive business relationship. We want to be sure that our clients are content with the final product and its economic success for years to come. Therefore, we are always available to our clients for advice on all aspects of running the business, including training of the staff, marketing assistance and technical back up.  Along with the general support offered in the service contract, we have other benefits that guarantee the success of the E-MOTIONBOARD.

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Quality norms

Safety, reliability and longevity are the key points focused on during the design and manufacturing of Valtiner & Partner's product more...

The E-MOTIONBOARD is a compilation of a multitude of components and therefore must be run and maintained with the highest of quality standards. As well as following stringent guidelines for engineering, electronics and IT, we have also allowed our system to be rigorously tested by the internationally recognized independent testing agency – the TUeV.

Following strict legal regulations, our clients are provided with detailed documentation of the technical installations and given finite instructions and ample training for the servicing and maintenance of the units.

Our customers are protected not only by legal warrantees but also by additional guarantees offered by our company.


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